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When Should Your Little One First See a Children’s Dentist in Natick?

August 19, 2018

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little girl thumb suckingMany parents believe there’s no need for their little one to visit a children’s dentist in Natick until all the permanent teeth have come in. In most cases, though, experts recommend taking your child to the dental office much younger, if possible by age two. Here’s why:

  • Peace of mind. Meeting the dentist early in life helps accustom your child to the experience. He or she will know to expect the sound and sight of the drill, dentist’s chair, and other aspects of the environment. This will go a long way towards preventing dental phobia.
  • As a precaution. Many oral health issues can escape even a careful parent’s attention. A dentist’s trained eye can spot potential problems that need attention before they become serious.
  • To get helpful tips. We all know the basics of dental care such as brushing and flowing. But new developments come along all the time in today’s medical world. A casual visit to the dentist can help you to learn about updated ways to safeguard your family’s dental health.

While you’re at the office, ask your dentist or other staff member to show your child the correct way to brush and floss. Learning the procedure ‘straight from the top” can help to prevent poor habits from ever starting.

Setting Your Child on the Right Path to Healthy Teeth and Gums

Here are some tips for helping your child to enjoy a lifetime of good oral care:

  • Take him or her with you during your own dental appointments. Seeing you taking care of your teeth, and showing that you’re relaxed while doing it, will help your child to model your behavior.
  • Talk to your children about any fears or unease they may have about the dentist. Young kids are very impressionable. They can pick up all sorts of misinformation from their peers, family members, or even online. Encourage your little one to share any negative impressions he or she may have about dental care.
  • Use positive reinforcers. For example, you might reward your child with a trip to the park or zoo after each dental visit. A related idea is to offer your child praise or a sugar-free treat for exercising proper toothcare habits.
  • Never dismiss or belittle their feelings. Lots of us may have grown up hearing comment like “no big boy or girl is afraid of the dentist; you’re just a scaredy-cat.” Not only are such remarks unhelpful, they might actually plant fears where none would exist otherwise.

Your family dentist in Natick may have educational materials that teach kids the basics of toothcare. Helping your kids learn about cavities and other potential risks is not only helpful, it can be downright fun to see them learning new facts before your eyes.

Taking care of one’s teeth and gums is an essential foundation for a healthy, happy life. The seeds your plant in your child’s mind early will blossom into nuggets of helpful knowledge, both in the near future and throughout the rest of their lives. There’s no better way to enjoy being a parent.

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