Meet Your Friendly Dental Team – Natick, MA

A Team That Cares About Comfort

At our dental office, we’re proud to have a team that puts the patient’s comfort first at all times. You’ll never be judged based on your smile; from check-in to check-out, our team members will show nothing but understanding and empathy for your situation, and you can count on them to take whatever steps are needed to quiet your dental fears and anxieties at each visit. Check out the brief biographies below to get to know our team a bit better before calling for an appointment.

Jessica, Office Manager

Jessica’s first job as a teenager was actually working as a dental office receptionist, and they kept one foot in the dental world all throughout college in various administrative roles too. Even though they were studying psychology, they eventually realized that dentistry was where their heart was, and they’ve been a part of the field for over two decades now! As our dedicated manager, they love meeting new people and connecting with patients over time – some of them have become like family. They also attend various trainings and management programs over time to keep their skills sharp.

Jessica currently lives with their wife and daughter in Ashland. Hanging out with family is always a top priority, but they also enjoy watching reality TV/animal shows and swimming in their free time.

Mary, Dental Hygienist

Mary’s dental career spans over 25 years so far. Having grown up in equatorial Borneo, she has a foreign Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, as well as Expanded Function training from New Hampshire. Today, what she likes most about her role is how nice everyone is at the dental office – both the dentists and the patients! Everyone can have fun together while also striving to provide the best care possible for people in need.

Mary is married with two grown children and a dog. She and her spouse live in a house close to a lake with plenty of wildlife around, and they use well water – no chemicals on the lawn! Animals are definitely one of her biggest personal passions and she encountered MANY of them in Borneo. As an adult, some of her pets have been an angora rabbit, a chinchilla, and currently a dog. She also enjoys tending to her own vegetable garden (and animal-watching while outside), along with teaching dental assisting in a community college and regularly serving as a public health dental hygienist in a nursing home.

Nicole, Dental Hygienist

Funny enough, Nicole actually hated going to the dentist’s office as a child – but it eventually became a career she loves! Today, as one of our dental hygienists, she enjoys building relationships with patients over time and learning all sorts of things about their lives, from the vacations they take to the members of their family. She’s also passionate about sharing new dental information with them so that they can improve not only their oral hygiene, but their overall health! She’s been in the dental field for over 15 years so far, working as an assistant for multiple years before studying dental hygiene. She’s also a Kids Seal Volunteer, providing important services to children in Worcester public schools free of charge as part of the QCC Dental Clinic.

 Nicole and her husband have two young boys at home, as well as a dog named Bailey. They currently live in Framingham. Some of her favorite hobbies include traveling, going to the beach, reading, and hanging out with loved ones. She’s also recently gotten into gardening with flowers and vegetables!

Viktoria, Dental Assistant

Viktoria has been a part of the dental field for over 15 years now, with roughly half of that time spent right here in our Natick dental office. She loves being able to educate patients on oral health while also easing their fears in the treatment chair.

Viktoria is originally from Hungary, and she’d love to be able to speak her native Hungarian with you if you know the language! As for personal hobbies, one of her favorite things to do outside of work is simply enjoy nature.