Tooth-Colored Fillings – Natick, MA

Effective Cavity Repair That Looks Great

When tooth decay is winning the battle against your smile, you need help from your dentist sooner rather than later. But you’re ready to move on from those metal fillings of yesteryear. Fortunately, you can turn to effective cavity repair that looks great thanks to tooth-colored fillings in Natick. This decision can revitalize the appearance and health of your smile, plus it looks natural and will be almost impossible for people you interact with to detect. Contact our team to learn more about this popular restorative option.

Why Choose Papageorgiou Dental Associates
for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  • Composite Resin is a Conservative, Durable Option
  • Insurances Covers Price of Fillings at 50-80 Percent
  • Budget-Friendly CareCredit Financing is Avaliable

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

metal fillings vs tooth-colored fillings

Fillings are a foundational aspect of restorative dentistry, as they fix decayed teeth to boost your oral health in the long run. Our office prefers to use tooth-colored composite resin, not only for aesthetic reasons but because it’s also beneficial for a tooth since it can bond directly without our dentist having to make permanent changes to the tooth’s structure. These fillings are customized to be the exact shade of your teeth so they will blend seamlessly into your grin.

The Process of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

woman getting a tooth-colored filling

In the majority of instances, our team at Papageorgiou Dental Associates can place your tooth-colored filling in a single visit, usually in an hour or less. First, we will numb the area of your mouth where the filling is being placed. It’s a relatively minor procedure, so most patients don’t need sedation.

We remove the decayed section of the enamel and then sanitize the tooth. Color-matched composite resin is applied in layers until all the lost enamel is restored. The layers are hardened using an ultraviolet curing light in a matter of seconds. The filling is sculpted and reshaped to trim off an excess material, and the final result is polished for a beautiful, natural look.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

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The best kind of dental work makes your smile look great while other people don’t even realize you had work done. That’s the case for tooth-colored fillings, as they blend perfectly with your surrounding teeth. A direct bond between the resin and your tooth ensures a stable result and more of your natural tooth structure preserved.

Another positive aspect of the bond is composite resin more effectively shields the nerves in the tooth’s center from aggravating stimuli. A metal filling can expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold temperatures to worsen tooth sensitivity, but ice cream and coffee will be easier for you to enjoy with a composite resin one.

That fluctuation of metal fillings due to temperature can weaken a tooth over time, placing strain that increases the risk of chips, cracks, and fractures. Also, composite resin is ideal for patients with a metal allergy. The lifespan of a composite resin filling is about seven years, and it requires little maintenance beyond routine dental visits and basic brushing and flossing.