The Power of Fluoride: Armor for Your Pearly Whites

February 9, 2024

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Man smiling after his fluoride treatment

Ah, fluoride, nature’s natural tooth armor. This strange naturally occurring chemical works silently to strengthen and protect your pearly whites from demineralization. You may remember as a child getting the flavored treatments every time you went to the dentist, but are they good for everyone?

Read on to learn how fluoride works and why it’s great for all ages as a way to keep your oral health in check.

How Fluoride Works

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in soil, water, and various foods. It’s one of the most important chemicals ever discovered and plays a critical role in preventing tooth decay. It does this by fortifying enamel, the outer layer of your teeth. When fluoride soaks into the tooth, it begins to restore the structure, repairing microscopic damage.

Fluoride vs. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the result of acid erosion on the enamel, leading to cavities and other dental issues. Fluoride acts as a shield, strengthening the enamel and making it less susceptible to these corrosive attacks. Regular exposure to fluoride can even help to reverse early stages of decay and prevent the formation of cavities!

Where to Get Fluoride

Now that you know how fluoride works to protect your teeth, where can you get the mineral daily? Here are some readily available sources:

Tap Water: Many city water supplies are treated with fluoride, providing a constant source of protection as you hydrate. However, not all cities have treated their water, and many people use filters that will make this source less effective.

Toothpaste: Most toothpaste brands include fluoride as a key ingredient, promoting its direct application to the teeth during brushing.

Mouthwash: Fluoride-infused mouthwash offers an added layer of defense against plaque and cavities that can get between teeth.

Professional Treatments: The best source of fluoride is a professional treatment from your dentist. They fill trays with a concentrated gel that you bite down on. After a few minutes, your teeth will be healthier and stronger.

As you can see, fluoride plays a pivotal role in the battle against tooth decay. By understanding its benefits and incorporating it into your daily dental care routine, you can ensure your smile remains strong. Consider visiting your dentist soon, especially if you’re overdue for a checkup, and get fluoride treatment for an armored smile!

About the Practice

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